In couple therapy,  the client is the relationship between the two partners. This means that both partners have to attend the sessions together. It is in fact the field between them, what they have co-created together and shared over time, that is currently “lost in the woods” because of a crisis and in need of a new direction.  In therapy, couples have the chance to look for new paths and resources within the relationship that can lead to more fulfilment and meaning and, possibly, to a renewed and more intimate bond.

The aim of couple therapy is to create a safe space where partners can explore the difficulties they are experiencing in their relationship, whatever they might be.  Partners have a chance to hear and be heard, to be responsive to each other’s inner world and, in so doing, they might discover something new about themselves and each other.  In the safe and containing environment provided by the sessions, partners will also have the opportunity to  explore healthier ways of communicating and coping with problems together. Ultimately, people come to couple therapy to sort out the complexities of their relationship and to reach new levels of understanding  and relating to each other.

I provide  both counselling and psychotherapy for couples.  Couple counselling is usually shorter in time (normally 6-12 sessions) and it is aimed at addressing a specific crisis. Couple psychotherapy is usually longer and it aims at exploring more deeply rooted issues  within the couple system. Together, we will discuss whether either short-term or long-term therapy might be more appropriate for you. At times, couples might come for a few sessions and then, at a later stage, they decide to stay for deeper therapy.

In order to deepen my knowledge on couple systems and best serve my clients, I have undergone further training at CCPE and have been awarded a Diploma in Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy. I then also attended a course at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships leading to a Certificate in Psychosexual Studies.


If you think that you might benefit from couple therapy, you can contact me and we will arrange to meet for an initial consultation. Initial consultations for couples cost £50 and last 50 minutes.

The initial consultation is an opportunity for both of you to discuss the difficulties that have brought you to couple counselling/psychotherapy. I will use this session to gather some information and I will also explain how I work and how I might be able to help you. The initial consultation will also help us have a first impression of how and whether we can work together.

If we agree to continue onto the next stage of the journey together, we will agree on an initial number of sessions. If/when necessary, we will review the work done so far and we will discuss the next steps.


Sessions are normally held at least once a week. Once we have agreed to work together, we will establish a convenient time when we can meet on a weekly basis, and that day/time will be fixed every week.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and will start and finish at the appointed time. If either or both of you are late, the sessions will still end at the agreed time.

As the client is the relationship, a session can only start when both partners are present.  If only one partner turns up, the session won’t take place and you will still be charged.

In order to best serve the needs of your relationship, any contacts outside the therapeutic hour have got to be three ways and whatever might be discussed individually will be shared and reviewed by the three of us in the sessions. This applies also to the initial consultation.

Fees are between £90 and £110 and vary depending on your circumstances and income. Please contact me for further information.


Face-to-face sessions take place at 180/186 King’s Cross Road, WC1X 9DE (see map). You’re most welcome to contact me for further information.

Nearest tube station: King’s Cross/St Pancras.


You can call me on 07553 244004 or, alternatively, you can email me at